Welcome to ActionRoad

Ramblings about model-building, model railroading… railfanning… and life

You’ve stumbled into Jim Griffin’s blog! Stay tuned here for my ramblings about model-building, model railroading in specific, railfanning in general, and life at large.

This is a supplement to my main website, www.ACTIONroad.net, which is where I keep the photos and the history.  The blog here, well, this is where I keep the random thoughts, the meaningless trivia, and perhaps occasionally the helpful hint about stuff.

If you’re not familiar with my vast corpus (I refer to publishing, not to my physical bod– and I am losing weight so there!), I am the author of a book on the Rio Grande railroad and have written several modeling articles for the Prospector.  I build stuff on the cheap, which means there’s always a problem to solve.  Sometimes I even come up with a solution.  Kinda like the On The House show, only 87 times smaller!

Stay tuned for more, yo.




Author: ACTIONroad

I'm a model-builder with pretensions of being an author. Here's where I will write the stuff that will never make it into a book or magazine...

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